DIY Dollar Tree Christmas Tiered Tray | Dollar Tree Christmas DIY | Krafts by Katelyn

[WPXperVideo id=11 ]in today’s video I’m gonna be creating this two-tiered Christmas trait using items from Dollar Tree so stay tuned to see how put that together if you like easy budget-friendly crafts like this one I’d love it if you would subscribe to my channel and give this video a big thumbs up so for this DIY I’m just going to be using some dinner plates from Dollar Tree and they had two different sizes in just white they do have some colored ones or some with patterns if you’re interested in those I’m going to be using a couple of the glass candlesticks I have one that was new and then I always like to recycle the old ones that I have on hand and I wanted to paint these white it was super super cold outside so I did struggle with spray-painting these so you see that I did end up having to paint them with just some chalk paint so as you can see the DIY part of this is super simple we pretty much just have to make this stand that goes in between the two plates [Music] [Music] I am gonna be gluing one of these candlesticks upside down on top of the other one so I went ahead and turned it upside down to make sure that everything was painted underneath I’m gonna be attaching these with some e6000 along with some of my hot glue [Music] and then to attach the Kindle holders to the plate I’ll also be using some more East 6000 and glue and this is more difficult because just that tiny little lip touches the plates you have to make sure that your glue is on the very edge but then after you set it down you are able just to peel off the glue or wipe away whatever uses out of the bottom [Music] after I had the tray put together I wanted to start working on some of the decor pieces to put on the tray I’m going to be using this wooden frame from Dollar Tree I love the frame part of this and the glass is broke so I did just dispose of that but was still able just to use the frame [Music] I knew I wanted a little Christmas image in here but I didn’t know where to get it from but then I’ve seen this bag and I thought it was perfect it’s got the plaid and the old-time little key and the wood background and it’s the perfect size to go in this 5 by 7 frame I just lined it up in the center of the paper the nun who fit in the frame and then trimmed around this with a pair of scissors [Music] since I did assemble this with plates I thought it was perfect to use in the kitchen area I wanted to show you all how I symbol this on my countertops but I thought that frame that was five by seven worked perfect to cover the candlestick holders I’m going to be using this little salt or pepper shaker from Dollar Tree as well and it’s acutest little jar with a little handle and I just filled that up with some of the Dollar Tree candy canes [Music] I did end up using several pine cones with a little white painted on there I wasn’t able to find the little lanterns at Dollar Tree like everyone else did I waited too late but I picked mine up at Walmart and it’s this beautiful dark red color with the pine cones and the greenery on there and I thought this was a perfect little centerpiece for that top plate I loved how it looked whenever I could wrap some of the greenery around the lantern and give it more of that cabin cozy feel to it and this worked really great later I did end up removing some of these branches so it wasn’t so tall and being able to add that to the bottom [Music] [Music] using a different one of the holiday bouquets I was able to remove the berries and the pinecones and more of the greenery and add that in as well and this looked really cute tucked in around the frame [Music] after I was putting it together I decided that that little jar needed something in the center of it so I took it back to my crafting table and hot glued some ribbon around it and then added that cute little snowflake from Dollar Tree as a little bit of decor piece [Music] [Music] [Music] it always makes such a huge difference whenever you add extra detail into things [Music] [Music] and then like I said I just thought it was too full on the top plate so I removed a couple of the branches as well as that Brown pick at the bottom where all the wires were taped together and just spread this out so it was a little bit smaller wrapped around the lantern [Music] [Music] and I loved how it looked tucking the little berries into the sod like that I tried to use them in several different places but yet cut them down so they didn’t cover the jar [Music] so I hope you feel inspired by this video you could honestly take the tray and decorate it a million different ways that would fit your home decor but I love how this turned out I think it is perfect for the kitchen counter it makes such a pretty little scenery with inexpensive items so if you liked this video please give it a big thumbs up I’d love it if you’d subscribe to my channel and thank you all so so much for watching bye [Music]